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What Is A Good Score in CLAT 2024? - Cut off Marks Analysis for Top NUL's

Discover the key insights on what constitutes a competitive CLAT 2024 score and gain valuable insights into the cut-off marks for admission to the top National Law Universities (NULs) in India. Explore the data-driven analysis and expert guidance to help aspiring law students aim for success in the upcoming CLAT exam.

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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for the year 2024 is scheduled for December 3rd and is a highly competitive national-level law entrance exam accepted by prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs). With approximately 3,000 available seats and an overwhelming number of around 60,000 applicants, CLAT stands as one of India's most challenging law entrance examinations. Gaining admission to the top-ranked national law universities poses an even greater challenge.

For aspiring students gearing up for this entrance exam, it's essential to have a clear target in mind regarding the score they should aim for. Determining what constitutes a good score in CLAT 2024 entails a comprehensive analysis of historical cut-off scores for NLUs, the number of seats they offer in the 2024 cycle, considerations for reservations, and various other factors that play a pivotal role in the admission process.

What is a good score for CLAT 2024

The CLAT 2024 exam has undergone a significant change in its pattern, reducing the total number of questions from 150 to 120. This alteration will undoubtedly have an impact on the overall CLAT cut-off scores for the year. In previous years, achieving a score of 100+ (equivalent to 66%) was considered an impressive performance in the CLAT exam. However, the dynamics have shifted this year. Attaining 100 marks has become an exceptionally challenging feat, and as a result, we can anticipate a decline in the CLAT cut-off marks.

Under the revised CLAT pattern for 2024, aiming for a score in the range of 65-70%, equivalent to approximately 78-85 marks, would be considered a commendable achievement. This score is particularly favorable for securing admission to the top three National Law Universities (NLUs). In comparison, the tier-2 and tier-3 NLUs tend to have slightly lower cut-off marks. However, it's important to note that the variation in cut-off scores among the top five to six NLUs is not as substantial as it might seem when viewed solely in terms of ranking. This is primarily due to the fierce competition among applicants vying for limited seats in these prestigious institutions.

Top 10 NLUs Scores for CLAT 2024

Name of Law School CLAT score
National Law School of India University
NALSAR University of Law
The West Bengal National University of Juridicial Sciences
NLU Jodhpur
National Law Institute University, Bhopal
Gujarat National Law University
MNLU Mumbai
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow
HNLU Raipur
National Law University, Odisha

Low scores and rank NLUs in CLAT 2024

Conversely, when we consider the lower-ranked or newer NLUs such as NLU Sonipat, they have offered admission to students who secured approximately 46-48% marks (equivalent to 70-72 marks out of a total of 150) in previous CLAT exams. This means that if you achieve a score in the range of 50-52% in CLAT 2024 under the general category, you still have a shot at securing admission to NLUs. However, it's crucial to note that your prospects might not be as promising as those aiming for the top-ranked NLUs like NLSIU Bengaluru or NALSAR Hyderabad.

The decision of whether to opt for such an NLU or explore other law entrance exams, where you might have the opportunity to gain admission to prestigious law schools like NLU Delhi through AILET, GLC Mumbai, or ILS Pune via MH CET Law, is a matter of debate and should be carefully considered based on your aspirations and career goals.

Indeed, there are several colleges apart from NLUs that boast superior placement records, well-established alumni networks, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and other appealing attributes. Therefore, individuals with lower CLAT scores may want to explore these alternative options.

Now, turning our attention to CLAT 2024, let's examine the previous year's cut-off marks for general category applicants in the top-rated National Law Universities (NLUs) across India.

Name of Law School Opening rank Closing rank
NLSIU Bengaluru
NALSAR Hyderabad
WBNUJS Kolkata
NLU Jodhpur
GNLU Gandhinagar
NLIU Bhopal
MNLU Mumbai
RMLNLU Lucknow
HNLU Raipur
NLUO, Odisha, Cuttack


In conclusion, securing a good score in CLAT 2024 is a critical endeavor for aspirants seeking admission to esteemed law institutions. With the recent changes in the CLAT pattern, aiming for a score in the range of 65-70% (approximately 78-85 marks) can be a prudent goal, especially for those eyeing the top NLUs. However, it's important to remember that lower-ranked NLUs may offer opportunities for candidates with slightly lower scores, although they may not compare with the prestige of their higher-ranked counterparts.

Ultimately, the choice between pursuing an NLU or exploring alternative law entrance exams hinges on individual aspirations and career objectives. With various factors such as placement records, alumni networks, and infrastructure to consider, aspiring law students should carefully weigh their options and make informed decisions about their legal education journey.


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