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How to Prepare for CLAT 2023 in 4 Months? CLAT Preparation Strategy

Discover effective strategies for CLAT 2023 preparation in just 4 months. Get expert tips on acing the exam with a comprehensive CLAT preparation strategy. Start your journey towards success today!

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Hello there! Curious about mastering CLAT 2023 in a mere 4 months? Get ready, because we're about to take you on a journey through proven strategies and valuable tips to ensure your victory in the upcoming exam. Let's jump right in and ensure that these 4 months become a crucial stepping stone toward your triumph in the CLAT exam!

Every year, the Consortium of National Law Universities organizes the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) to provide a golden opportunity for skilled, bright, and dedicated students like you. This test serves as a gateway to multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs available across 26 esteemed National Law Universities.

Particular Details
Exam Name
Common-Law Admission Test
Conducting Body
Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs )
Level of Exam
National Level
Once a year (in the Month of December)
Mode of Registration
Mode Of Exam
Sections/ Pattern
Five Sections:
English Language (28-32 marks)
Current Affairs Including General Knowledge (35-39 marks)
Legal Reasoning (35-39 marks), Logical Reasoning (28-32 marks)
Quantitative Techniques (13-17 marks)
120 minutes
Total Marks
Types of Questions
Objective-type questions
CLAT UG marking scheme
Correct answer - 1 mark
Incorrect answer - 0.25 marks deduction
Unattempted questions - No negative marking
Difficulty level

In order to assist you in preparing effectively and achieving success in your first attempt at CLAT 2023, our proficient team at Legal Edge (a trailblazer in offering top-notch online guidance for law entrance exams) has provided a range of valuable tips and well-structured study plans.

Following these tricks and suggestions shall definitely help you ace the exam. Are you still having any queries or doubts regarding the preparation? Well, scroll down to know more about cracking the CLAT exam with a high score on the first attempt.

Time Table to Crack CLAT 2023

A well-structured study plan is crucial for achieving success in your initial attempt at CLAT 2023 in 4 months, as advised by experts at Stargate Education Institute (renowned for its exceptional online guidance for law entrance exams).

They propose the following timetable to enhance your performance in the upcoming CLAT exam. Incorporating topics from all subjects within the CLAT Syllabus ensures a dynamic learning experience, preventing monotony through the exploration of diverse subjects.

Topic Preferred Time Allotment
Reading Newspaper
1.5 hours
Topics from Error Log
1 hour
Vocabulary (High-frequency words, Regular Newspaper reading)
45 mins
Current Legal Knowledge
Current Legal Knowledge
1.5 hours
GMAT Official Guide
1.5 hour
Revising today's topics and preparing for tomorrow's topics
2 hours
Puzzles/Analytical Reasoning
30 mins
Passages & Grammar
1.5 hours
Revision for the day and planning for the next day
1.5 hours
Practice Mock Tests
Twice a Week

Study Plan for English to Crack CLAT 2023 in 4 months

The English segment carries a significant weight of 25-28 marks in the CLAT exam. The questions are designed to evaluate your comprehension of the English language.

  • The initial step involves concentrating on enhancing your Grammar and Vocabulary.
  • Avoid the approach of studying all subjects in one session.
  • Instead, focus on 2-3 topics each day and revisit them daily.
  • Cultivate a habit of reading newspapers daily, preferably from a reputable source like The Hindu.
  • In the grammar section, it’s essential to rectify errors in the provided sentences.
  • Your ability to comprehend must be strong, and this can only be achieved through consistent practice.
  • A highly effective method is to construct various types of sentences using new words learned each day.
  • Develop a solid understanding of sentence construction and word usage. Strive to acquire a minimum of 10-12 new antonyms and synonyms every day.
  • Initiate your practice with shorter passages before progressing to longer ones.

Study Plan for Legal Reasoning to Crack CLAT 2023 in 4 months

The queries within this category are formulated to assess your legal reasoning, research capabilities, and adeptness in problem-solving.

  • To commence, swiftly grasp the legal principles and terminology.
  • Master the art of applying facts to scenarios and constructing arguments.
  • While practicing, integrate Short-Cut Techniques, yet it’s prudent not to rely solely on them.
  • Utilize them to expand your knowledge and garner fresh insights.
  • Strive to comprehend the concepts thoroughly; avoid rote learning.
  • Maintaining a swift reading pace significantly enhances your prospects in conquering this segment.
  • Dedicate time to solve numerous questions from prior CLAT Question Papers.
  • Immerse yourself in reading legal magazines to cultivate a more comprehensive legal outlook on various matters.

Study Plan for General Knowledge to Crack CLAT 2023 in 4 months

The General Knowledge (GK) segment constitutes a substantial 25% of the CLAT exam. To excel in this section, you need to stay informed about daily current affairs spanning diverse topics like the economy, the Indian Constitution, awards, and sports.

  • Incorporate the habit of daily newspaper reading into your routine.
  • While static GK holds its place in the syllabus, the exam primarily emphasizes current affairs.
  • Past legal events and issues hold significance; ensure you are well-versed with them.
  • Craft your personal notes, a valuable aid during revision sessions.
  • Avoid memorizing dates or occurrences blindly.
  • Instead, focus on understanding the underlying reasons.
  • Grasp the contexts behind these matters.
  • Consult various sources such as magazines, newspapers, e-newspapers, blogs, etc., to enhance your awareness of global developments.
  • Allocate around 40 minutes each day to watching news channels.

Study Plan for Logical Reasoning to Crack CLAT 2023 in 4 months

Under the fresh examination pattern, the logical reasoning section will encompass approximately 28-30 questions.

  • Foremost, managing your time effectively when answering logical reasoning questions holds paramount importance.
  • Mastery of logical reasoning is attainable through consistent practice.
  • Prioritize topics such as blood relations, directions, number series, drawing conclusions, and more.
  • Devote ample time to peruse statements, arguments, and solutions.
  • Engage in solving a multitude of CLAT Mock Tests.
  • When solving mock tests, utilize a timer to ensure completion of all questions within the stipulated time.
  • Employ GMAT guides as a valuable aid in your preparation.
  • Allocate no more than 25 minutes for resolving this section.
  • Enhance your logical reasoning by attempting puzzles and games that demand analytical thinking.

Study Plan for Maths to Crack CLAT 2023 in 4 months

The mathematics section carries a weightage of 20 marks only, featuring questions of an elementary level. Consider opting for the finest CLAT Online Coaching to secure strong marks in the CLAT examination.

  • To initiate, ensure your foundational understanding is solid.
  • Recognize pertinent topics and cultivate a clear grasp of each concept.
  • Regularly commit multiplication tables up to 20 and squares up to 30 to memory.
  • Engage in daily practice of crucial formulas.
  • Dive into a plethora of questions from previous CLAT papers to bolster your speed.
  • With effective practice, strive to attain all 20 marks from this section, allocating appropriate time for preparation.
  • Given the time constraints in the exam, adept time management is paramount.
  • Avoid making guesses if uncertain about an answer.
  • Should a question appear intricate and time-consuming, move forward to the next without hesitation.


In conclusion, achieving success in your initial attempt at CLAT 2024 is certainly attainable with the right strategy and preparation. Here are the key points to bear in mind:

  • Begin your preparations early and formulate a comprehensive study plan.
  • Lay a strong foundation by focusing on core concepts across all exam sections.
  • Regularly practice mock tests and review past years’ papers to acquaint yourself with the exam pattern.
  • Hone your time management and critical thinking abilities.
  • Stay abreast of current affairs and legal developments.
  • Seek guidance from mentors, consider enrolling in coaching institutes, or explore online courses for supplementary support.
  • Maintain a motivated outlook, nurture a positive mindset, and have faith in your capabilities.

By adhering to these tactics, you can significantly enhance your odds of cracking CLAT 2024 in your initial endeavor, thereby charting a promising path towards a thriving legal career.

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