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‘Homothetic’ refers:

‘Idiographic’ denotes:

Who has defined Human Geography as the study of relationship between human societies and earth’s surface?

Human Geography is study of changing relationship between unresting man and the unstable earth:

Who coined the term neo-determinism?

In which year National water policy was implemented?

Who gave the concept of ‘stop and go determinism’?

Which of the following is not a sub field of social geography?

In which period quantitative thought became popular in geographical studies?

Which school of thought is mainly concerned with social well being of people?

Stop and go determinism is also known as:

Which of the following is a sub field of economic geography?

The study of inter relationship between human and environment is:

The most important factor in the interaction between people and environment

Who is considered the father of human geography?

Psephology is sister disciplines of which sub fields of human geography:

The idea that all the regions were a part of whole i.e., the earth is under which approaches

Historical Geography to which field of human geography:

Geography_________ School of thought employed Marxian theory to explain the basic cause of poverty, deprivation and social inequality.

Naturalisation of humans means:

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