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Chemistry MCQ 16

2.46 g of NaOH (molar mass = 40) is dissolved in water and the solution is made upto 100 cm3 in a volumetric flask. Calculate the molarity of solution. [Na=23 u, O = 16 u, H = 1 u].

A solution is prepared by adding 2 g of glucose into 18 g of water. Calculate the mass percent of glucose in the solution. [M.Wt. of glucose = 180 g mol-1]

What is the concentration of glucose in mol L-1 , if 40 g of it is dissolved in enough water to make a final volume upto 2 L? [M.Wt. of glucose = 180 g mol-1]

Calculate the molality of 2.5 g ethanoic acid (CH3COOH) in 75 g of benzene. [M.wt of CH3COOH = 60 g mol-1]

Calculate the mass percentage of benzene (C6H6) and carbon tetrachloride (CCI4), if 22 g of benzene is dissolved in 122 g of carbon tetrachloride.

4L of 0.02 M aqueous solution of NaCI was diluted by adding one litre of water. The molarity of the resultant solution is……………….

The molarity of a solution which contains 32.0 g of methyl alcohol in 200 mL of aqueous Solution is [At mass of C = 12 u, H = 1 u, O = 16 u]

Calculate the moles of methanol in 5 litre of its 2 m solution. If density of the solution is 0.981 Kg L-1. [Molar mass of methanol = 32 g mol-1]

A 6.9 m solution of KOH in water contains 30% by mass of KOH. The density of KOH solution is [Atomic masses of K = 39 u, O = 16 u, H = 1 u]

If the mole fraction of water in the solution of sulphuric acid is 0.85. Then the molality of sulphuric acid is [M.wt. of = 98 g mol-1]

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