Stargate Education


Q.1 The cost price of a radio is Rs. 1,400 and its selling price is Rs.1,820. What is the profit percentage?

Q.2 A set of table and chair, costs, Rs.1160 to a shop–keeper. He sells it at a loss of 15%. Find the selling price.

Q.3 Arif bought a scooter from OLX for Rs.24,000 and spent Rs.1,500 on its repairs and polish. He finally sold the scooter for Rs.30,000 to his friend. What is his gain percent?

Q.4 A man sold a set of headphones for Rs.1980 and made a profit of 10% Determine the cost price of the headphone set.

Q.5 Determine the loss percent if the cost price of 15 dishes is equal to the selling price of 20 pieces of the same.

Q.6 Rohan sold his old SSC book for Rs. 10 and in the process lost 1/11 of what it had cost him. What was his cost price?

Q.7 Ram bought eggs at the rate of 2 for a rupee and sold them at 5 for 3 rupees. Determine his gain per cent.

Q.8 The cost price of an article is 40% of the selling price. What percent of the cost price is the selling price?

Q.9 A man sold 20 articles for Rs.60 and gain 20%. How many articles did he buy for Rs. 60?

Q.10 If the cost price of 18 pencils he equal to selling price of 24 pencils, hod the loss percent.

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