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Course Details

“01. Opening first Excel worksheet, intoduction of every element on sheet and defining range
02. Navigation, Data Entry, Formatting and basic calculation
03. Copying formulas, Relative and Absolute Referencing
04. Comprehensive practice of Relative and absolute referencing
05. Referencing further practice
06. Quick revision, explaining ribbon and excel shortcuts
07. Customizing the ribbon intro to formula tab
08. TRUE, FALSE, IF, AND, OR function
09. IF Function together with AND, OR function
10. Nested if function
11. Autosum functions and mathematical exercises
12.Paste special function
13.Paste link, transpose, insert,delete and format cells function
14.Linking data between the sheets and its benefit
15.Conditional formatting
16.Count Function
17.Rank function, minimum, MAX, Large and Small Function
18.Sumif, SumIFS
19.CountIF, AverageIf Function
20.Mround, Ceiling, Floor
21.Rounddown, RoundUp functions
22.Integer and Trunc functions
23.Trim and Proper Function
24.Find and Search Function
25.Upper, Lower and Proper Function
27.Concatenate Function
28.Repeat and Substitute Function
29.Substitute function practice
30.Substitute and repeat Function
31.Replace Function
32.Date and Time Function Introduction
33.Customise your own date format
34.Today Function and addition, substraction to dates
35.EDATE Function
36.EOM Function
37. Introduction to chart and different ways of inserting a chart
38.Data series editing, saving a template and other basic chart details
39.When to use which chart type-an intro and winding up session
40. MATCH and HLOOKUP Function “

Duration of Classes and Fees

1 Month Duration:

Rs. 2000/-

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