Stargate Education

Financial Modeling & Valuation


A Forecast for company’s future financials based on assumptions and past performance.

Course Details

1. Financial Analysis, Valuation And Modeling
2. Income Statement Analysis
3. Modeling Issues In Case Of Income Statement
4. Build Profit and Loss Account from Sratch
5. Balance Sheet Analysis And Modeling
6. Building a Balance Sheet
7. Establish Link Between All These Statements
8. Revolver Plug
9. Cash Flow Statement
10. Economy, Industry and Company Ananlysis for Financial Modeling
11. Ratio Analysis
12. The Capital Budgeting Exercise In Financial Model
13. Capital Budgeting Practice
14. Time Value Of Money Exercise
15. Value Is Different From Price
16. Approaches To Valuation
17. DCF
18. Valuation Selection Process
19. Enterprise and Equity Values
20. Valuation of Bank, Private And Small Company
21. Startup Methodologies
22. Relative Valuation Multiples
23. Final Report
24. Standards of Value

Duration of Classes and Fees

2 Month Duration:

Rs. 5000/-

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