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Preparing for 2 exams simultaneously can be challenging. Hence the article acts as a guide to help you prepare simultaneously for the boards and the CUET.

The CUET preparation requires hard work, innovative work, dedication, strategic planning and perseverance to qualify for a top-notch college like DU, JNU etc., successfully. You would already know that you must start your CUET preparations 2023 with boards. Although, the syllabus for both exams is almost similar one has to stick to a different approach when it comes to balance CUET with board exam preparations. However, how do you bring this into reality and practice? Know how?

The journey does not begin with preparation directly, you must be familiar with the CUET Syllabus 2023 and the CUET Exam pattern 2023.

Key tips on how to prepare for CUET 2023 along with boards

SSC CHSL tier-2 exam pattern


This is a must before proceeding with your CUET preparations, as you need to check whether-

  • There is a deleted or outdated syllabus
  • There is a syllabus that won’t come on boards
  • There is a less critical syllabus for boards, but it might have a high weightage in CUET.

Once you understand the above, your preparations can alter as required.

Find the updated CUET exam pattern

The current CUET exam pattern comprises MCQ-based questions that are divided into four sections – language test (sections 1A and 1B), domain-specific subjects (section 2) and general test (section 3). As per recent updates, the exam is to be conducted in two slots. The first slot is 45 to 195 minutes followed by the second slot of 45 to 225 minutes

Dedicate time for both boards and CUET preparation 2023

Understand if the subject and college you wish to choose – have a GT section.

Divide your study hours into two halves. Start with your board preparations and later move on to solve mocks of related topics; by doing so, you are covering boards and domain subject CUET questions.

When dedicating a day only for CUET preparations, make sure you solve language and GT mocks together.

Do not neglect your boards; your domain subjects are entirely the class 12 curriculum.

Therefore, preparing for boards equals preparing for section 2 domain subjects.

Choose your learning strategy

Once you have learned about the CUET syllabus and exam pattern and board syllabus, it’s time to devise a distinctive learning strategy that caters specifically to your academic needs. You can start by identifying your strengths and then work on the topics that may require some extra practice.

Refer to previous CUET & Boards papers

One of the most important CUET & Boards preparation tips is to practice previous year’s papers. This will help you get a better understanding of the type of questions, format, high importance topics, scoring questions, etc. and give you an insight into what to expect before appearing for CUET 2023 & Boards exam.

Solve CUET & Boards Mock papers

The best way to evaluate your CUET 2023 and Boards preparation is by attempting sample tests once you have covered the entire syllabus. You can appear for the CUET Mock Test 2023 & Boards Mock Test which is a close replica of the actual test that will help you learn more about the speed and accuracy required.

Make a list of preferred universities

Creating a list of your preferred colleges will give you an insight into the previous year’s cut-off. You can also use this information to evaluate the scores you need to target in CUET 2023 and prepare accordingly.

Prepare for CUET 2023 and get CUET 2023 online coaching for additional help.

You can follow detailed study plan for CUET 2023 preparations and learn how to prepare a result-driven study plan.

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