1. Identification of lab instruments, equipments, and utensils.
  2. Uses of Instruments / Equipments/ Utensils, Cleaning & Sterilization of Utensils.
  3. To understand the pharmaceutical measurements & alcohol strength measurement
    Identification of Solid/ Semisolid/ Liquid vehicles.
  4. Purity test of vehicle :
        a) Ethyl alcohol,
        b) Distilled water,
        c) Sugar of milk,
        d) Olive oil,
        e) Glycerin
  5. Preparation of mother tincture bye old method (1-9class)
  6. Preparation of mother tincture bye new method (As per HPI)
  7. Methods of Potentisation
        a) Succession
        b) Trituration
        c) Preparation of LM Potency
  8. Trituration to liquid potency conversion
  9. Estimation of moisture content (Demo / Video)
  10. Preparation of culture media (D.P. Rastogi Research center Noida)
  11. Sterility test of eye drop ( Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Lab)
  12. Preparation of distilled water and water for injection
  13. Preparation of Syrup Base /Suspension / Emulsion,
  14. Ointments preparation(Minimum 5 Ointment)
    15.Enema (Demo / Video)


  1. 10 Viva questions from each chapter


  1. Identification of Drugs by morphological study (2 drugs from each family)
  2. Identification of crude Drugs from Drug museum(Only 5drugs from each plant kingdom
    family )
  3. Makes a Herbarium File ( 2 drugs from each family)
  4. Chemical evaluation of drug any two from reputed Laboratory in Delhi.
  5. Gross anatomical studies (T.S) of the following drugs: Senna, Dhatura, Cinnamon,
    Cinchona off Coriander, Fennel, Clove, Ginger, Nux Vomica, Ipecacuahna.


  1. Study of Human Skelton about Types of bone, Types of Joints, Shape and Size
    structure, Location, Movements.
  2. Study with the help of charts and models of the following systems of organs:
        a) Digestive systems
        b) Respiratory systems
        c) Cardiovascular systems
        d) Urinary systems
        e) Reproductive systems
        f) Nervous systems
        g) Eye
        h) Ear
  3. Microscopic examination of epithelial tissue, cardiac muscle, smooth muscle,
    skeleton muscle, connective tissue and nervous tissues
  4. Microscopic examination of blood films for TLC, DLC
  5. Determination of Clotting Time , Bleeding Time ,ESR, Hemoglobin value.
  6. Recording of body temperature, pulse, Heart rate, Blood Pressure and ECG.
  7. First Aid-Its aim and general principles, improvisation of equipment and utilization
    of available material for first aid.
  8. First Aid Management for : Hemorrhages, sock, asphyxia, and convulsions wound
    burn scars, poisoning and resuscitations

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