In a good social structure each group and institution is expected to perform:

Who was the first thinker to highlight the structure of society?

Who of the following is not associated with the ideas expounded by social system:

Social structure is a ________ structure which is created, maintained for a time and changes.

Who has differentiated between “actual structure” and ‘general structure’?

In the case of ________, it is not the body but ‘ego’ or self which acts.

According to Parsons which one of the following is not a structural element?

Which of the following is not covered under ‘element of social structure’?

________ refers to the functional aspect of social structure.

Social structure is an ________ entity.

________ is an abstract and intangible phenomenon.

________ system refers to the statuses and roles of the individual.

Which one of the following is true of cast system?

Normative system, which is an element of social structure refers to ________

Manifest function are those which are:

Latent functions are those which are:

Which of the following is dysfunction in a growing organisation?

According to ________, social system has passed through three stages, viz, savagery, barbarian and civilized.

Who has talked of social act, status-role and actor, as elements of social system?

The distribution of various roles among the actor in a social system is called ________ by Parsons.

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