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Which of the following is an application of a photodiode?

What should be the angle between magnetic moment and magnetic field for maximum work done in a magnetic field?

Electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature is evident by:

In the photoelectric effect ejection of electrons from the surface of a metal takes place when

Which one among the following waves are called waves of heat energy?

Impedence of coil is 100 ohm at frequency 50 HZ, then its impedence on 150HZ is:

The electromagnetic waves can be produced by:

Identify the conductor having the highest resistivity.

Hydrogen atom does not emit X – rays because

An electric dipole in a constant external electric field has net force zero on it. This means

In the Rutherford’s Model of the Atom, what was the observation due to alpha particles scattering?

A wavefront is defined as a surface of _______ phase

Consider the following statements 1. Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law is based on Kirchhoff’s second Law. 2. Kirchhoff’s second law represents the conversation of energy. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

In a van de Graff generator, the potential difference between the surfaces of the small and large spherical conductors is independent of

For a myopic eye, the near point ______

The magnification of a compound microscope is

What is the work done in moving a charge of 5C between two points having a potential difference of 11V?

The output of a NAND gate is 0 if the inputs are _____

When a coil moves towards a stationary magnet, the induced emf does not depend on:

The process of super imposing message signal on high frequency carrier wave is called

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