Mathematics MCQ 6

The domain of definition of f (x)=(〖log〗_2 (X+3))/(x^2+3X+2) is:

How many roots the equation X- 2/(X-1)=1- 2/(X-1) have

From the following find the correct relation

How many words can be made from the letters of the word INSURANCE, if all vowels come together.

There are four machines and it is known that exactly two of them are faulty. They are tested, one by one, in a random order till both the faulty machines are identified. Then, the probability that only two tests are needed, is

The number of straight lines that are equally inclined to the three dimensional co-ordinate axes,is

Let X and Y be two arbitrary, 3 × 3, non-zero, skew symmetric matrices and Z be an arbitrary 3 × 3, non-zero, symmetric matrix. Then which of the following matrices is (are) skew symmetric?

Vikas is paying 50% of EMI under which he pays Rs. 800 per month under the flat rate method which will be continued for a period of 5 years. For 10% interest, calculate the total principal amount taken under which EMI is being paid?

The triangle formed by the points A(0,7,10), B(-1,6,6) and C(-4,9,6) is:

Let R be the relation on the set R of all real numbers defined by aRb If labl < 1. Then R is:

The number of 2 X 2 matrices A, with each element as real number and satisfying A + AT = I and ATA = I, is:

The number of all possible matrices of order 2 X 2 with each entry 1, 2 or 3 is

The number of all possible matrices of order 2 X 3 with each entry 1 or 2 is:

If P and Q are symmetric matrix of same order then PQ – QP is:

If n = p, then the order of the matrix 7X – 5Z is:

If A and B are symmetric matrices, then ABA is:

If the matrix A is both symmetric and skew-symmetric, then

If A is square matrix, then which of the following matrices is not symmetric?

For any square matrix A, AA is:

If A is a square Matrix then B'AB is a:

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