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The world is big but in a sense, it starts from me. Knowledge and awareness about my cwn self has to precede my knowledge of things other than me. If I want the external environment to appreciate a value, I need to do it by myself, first. In order to make the atmosphere around me green, I have to be green myself, in belief and action. From dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk, our every activity leaves its footprint on the environment and ecology. It is a 24 x 7, eternal phenomenon. A laboured consciousness of having to go green in all possible areas is required in each one of us. It is after all, our own self interest and that of our descendants. The conscious application of change a few times is going to become a habit and one's culture in due course. Though we read and hear a lot on green initiatives, we hardly tweak our routines to suit the larger picture. Greenery in the surroundings prevent dust and noise pollution. The way we water and manure plants also matters. Water is also a fast depleting resource. Sprinklers are one example to use and conserve it. Compost from bio-waste can be used as manure for the plants which is cost- effective and eco-friendly. We can also contribute to preservation of water bodies by not dumping our garbage in them. The use of public transport systems in the place of individual modes can reduce carbon footprint. 'Reuse, Recyle', 'Re - engineer' and 'Renew are the mantras. Let us appreciate, support and contribute our might to the promotional efforts of the community in this direction. Remember, my ecology is also the community. society and the nation that I care for which in turn cares for me. In other words, all these seemingly outward initiatives done for other are going to make my life more comfortable ultimately. I have to be, therefore, concerned about what sort of environment I am responsible for, for my own sustenance, livelihood and progress. As long as my impact is positive, my presence will be welcome. If it is otherwise, I am going to be shunned. It is either 'Embrace' or 'Embarrass'. Green initiatives are anti-scorch earth. Air, water and soil need to be conserved for the thriving of mankind in future. The increasing onslaughts on the quality of air and soil need to be reversedThe indiscriminate exploitation of water consumable water is only 0.3% of fresh water-needs to be stopped. The earth ought not to shrink further, continue to breathe easy. Mother earth looks for only love and care from her children and nothing more in return for all the wealth she has so generously showered on us.

The writer emphasises on knowing the

The societal behaviour can help in maintaining the environment if we

Our life can become more productive if we

Which of the following will be the most appropriate title for the passage?

The phrase "contribute our might" refers to the contribution towards

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