Which state has maximum branches of public sector commercial banks?

In which plan phase of Industrialization was initiated?

Which is the first Export Processing Zone declared as Free Trade Zone in India ?

Which Institution is known as ‘soft loan window’ of World Bank?

‘Backwash Effect’ was firstly introduced by a

Meera Seth Committee was related to

Finance Commission is appointed by the President under Article

‘SAPTA’ is related to

National Income estimates in India is prepared by

Scheduled Bank is that which is

The definition of small scale industry in India is based on

Which one of the following committee was set up to review the concept of poverty line?

Which one the following is not the canon of taxation as stated by Adam Smith?

According to 2011 Census the state having highest urban population is

Which place India holds in milk production?

Who is the chairman of Island Development Authority ?

The book ‘Politics with Charkha’ is written by

The base year of the present Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is

The base year of the present Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial laborer’s is

CAPART is related with

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