Business Studies MCQ 11

Even a small production activity like loading pigs of iron into boxcars can be scientifically planned and managed. It is said by?

The Neo classical approach was developed in which time period?

Who among the following is the proponent of Behavioral approach of principles of management?

How many folds increase in productivity did Bethlehem Steel Company achieved after applying Taylor’s Principle of scientific management.

What is the main aim of management principle.

Leaving the decision making the subordinates, the manager is practicing

Scientific Decisions are based on

In which year was the article “The Principles of Scientific Management” was published

What should the management do when an employee gives Constructive Suggestions

Which of these is not under the planning in charge?

Kaizen, reengineering and benchmarking aim at

A heavy manual Labour would need

When was operation research developed ?

In the book “Administration Industriellet generale?, how many principles of management were mentioned

Unity of Direction avoids

The principle of F.W. TAYLOR led to

According to ______________ “Management is the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve organizational objectives by efficiently using limited resources in the changing environment?

Looking whether the tasks are completed and goals are achieved – it is commonly termed as:-

What is the main concern for effectiveness?

Jack Welch’s mastery of the Four E’s of leadership was always in evidence. Those 4 E’s are:-

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